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MFA Thesis







Visual System

Branding Strategy






Choose a topic that identifies a problem around

us and create a solution through a Graphic Design approach. The topic I chose is overcoming sleepless nights. Everyone has the right to have a great sleep. It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by insomnia. Simple good sleep can be a challenge for us. 


Sleeplessness has been a central problem in

our society. A good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. During sleep,

our bodies and brains repair themselves. According to studies and research, the effects of insomnia

can have a significant negative impact on an individual’s work, physical, and social performance as well as the overall quality of life. By sleeping better, we have the potential to add hours back

to our lives. ​


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An event to introduce the importance of sleep and experience different environments for good sleep. Promote products, apps, and magazines.


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A comprehensive lifestyle guide to 

improving your sleep quality with simple food; scheduled regulate

your body clock and exercise.


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Promote Website 



The smart home system can control your speakers (sound & music & alarm clock), lighting system (sleep & wake-up light) and air Conditioning system (control temperature).


21 DAYS 


“21 days” is a free event holding 

regularly in big cities in the USA, let people know the importance of healthy lifestyles and good sleep. As humans, we spend an average of 

25 years of sleeping, which is a third of our life. According to experts, it 

takes about 21 days to break or form a habit pattern. Join us and form 

a better lifestyle to improve your sleep quality starting today!

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Get Rid of Your Sheep Magazine 

Get Rid of Your Sheep is an independent monthly magazine started by Dozze which is dedicated to people who want to improve sleep quality through changing lifestyles. Our magazine is a comprehensive lifestyle guide that includes several sections—fitness, healthy eating recipes, stress relief, and mind & body. Dig deep into your healthy routines with a subscription to not only discover the new way to have better sleep but to start your new lifestyle.

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THE DOZZE Smart Sleep

Sleep satisfaction is affected by sleep environments. Digital sleep is a significant new trend in our daily life. Dozze works with Google and comes up with serials of smart home products, such as the temperature controller, smart bulbs, and smart clock, all mainly targeting improving sleep environments. Our application will intelligently formulate exclusive sleep plans, according to different sleeping habits. Easily connect and control your smart home system to allow yourself to have a more scientific and good sleep.


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Dozze has selected a series of products for you in advance as a set of the smart sleep system. You can use this package to experience the intelligently improving sleep environment system.